Trinity Lutheran Church

Fort Bragg, CA

Stained Glass Window Descriptions

The stained glass windows of Trinity Lutheran Church were designed and constructed by the inspiration and talents of gifted Mendocino artist
 Leone McNeil.



            Blue, the color for this church season is the color of hope; hope for life through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

            The Bible at the bottom reminds us of the covenant that God made with David.  The Jewish star above the Bible reminds us of the house of David; from that star roots grow out, recalling the root of Jesse, father of David.  This genealogical line leads to Jesus.  It leads us to the top where we encounter Christ in the Chi Rho symbol.  It uses the Greek letters Chi (X) and Rho (P).  These letters are the first two letters of the Greek word, Christ.  Then the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, the Alpha and the Omega, remind us that Jesus is the beginning and the ending of all things.  In Jesus we live and move and have our being.

Given for the Glory of God by Marjorie Lindberg



            At the top of the window shines the natal star which points us to Jesus, the Son of God.  In the light of that star we see a Chi (X) and Rho (P) combined, which announces Jesus as the Christ, as the Greek Letters are an abbreviation for “Christ”.  At the bottom of the window is the focus of attention, the manager of the baby Jesus, with a circular nimbus over it symbolizing the divine nature of Jesus.

Dedicated on July 19, 1987 in memory of the Finnish founders
Given for the Glory of God by Jeanette Hansen



            A baptismal shell graces the top reminding us of the importance of Baptism.  The water that drips from the baptismal shell descends upon a cloud that hovers over a mountain, reminding us of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

            The season of Epiphany reminds us of how God makes himself known to us.  One of the special ways God reveals himself as a loving father is through the sacrament of Holy Baptism in which we become a child of God and a member of the Church.



            The wheat and grapes at the bottom left represent the bread and wine of Holy Communion which Jesus instituted when He celebrated the last Passover with his disciples.  The crown of thorns and the nails which held Jesus to the cross tell us of our Lord’s suffering for all people.  It was on the cross that Jesus died for the sins of the world.

            The strip of cloth was to lower the body of Jesus from the cross for burial.  He lay in the tomb for three days as symbolized by the sun and moon.  And yet, there is a sign of hope for new life in the green branches springing up from the tree of the cross.

Dedicated in loving memory of God's child John Rainey Yearwood, May 26, 1964 - Dec. 13, 1982,
built by his father John Knox Yearwood, circa 1983.



            The Lamb of God at the top of this window reminds us that Jesus is the new Passover Lamb whose blood was shed for us.  The cross reminds us of the way God demonstrated His love for the world and for you and me by dying for us.  The large sunburst radiating from the cross reminds us of the joyous news that the tomb is empty and that Jesus lives; and because he lives, we will live.  Jesus is the Light of the world.  Growing out of the base of the cross is an Easter lily, reminding us that out of the darkness of death new life burst forth.  At the base of the cross is a crown reminding us that Jesus is King of Creation and of our lives.



            The multi-colored glass appearing as waves across the window symbolized the wind of the Holy Spirit who blows where He wills.  The bright red glass represents the flames of a passionate faith which the Holy Spirit kindles within our hearts.  A white dove descends from the sky, another symbol of the Holy Spirit, which represents the gifts the Holy Spirit bestows upon us.  In the beak of the dove are three ribbons representing the Trinity.

            Green growth at the bottom of the window reminds us of the growth that takes place in each of us through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Dedicated on July 19, 1987, "The Holy Spirit, God's gift to all."
Given by Garnie Schatz



            The cross both gathers you to itself and lifts you to Heaven.  The cross is rooted in this world with the ground colors at the bottom of the cross.  In the middle of the cross is white light representing Jesus as the Light of the world.  The green colors in the arms of the cross symbolize eternal life.  The sky blue of the top of the cross point us to the hope of Heaven.  The “Empty” cross means Jesus lives.  Our faith is not in vain.  We live in the Kingdom of God both now and forever!



              Florence Campbell (1918-2000) was a lady whose strong faith and love for her church is symbolized by the figure of Christ.  Her love for nature is symbolized by the mountains and garden in the lower left.  In the lower right quadrant the stylized gray airplane is a tribute to Florence's service as a Flight Nurse in World War II. 

Given by her long-time friend Gretchen Hadsell. 

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